52 Week Ilustration Challenge 2014


52 week challene logo

52 Week Illustration Challenge 2014


Week 1:Egg

52 Week Challenge Week 1 Egg

Week 2: Kids

 Happy 2014!

Week 3: Caravan


Week 4: Selfie


Week 5: Flowers

52 week challenge  Flowersimage

Week 6: Machinery

51 week challange machinery

Week 7: Watercolour


8. cross-hatching


9. tree


10. pattern


11. architecture


12. numbers

Can you find the hidden numbers 1-10?

Can you find the hidden numbers 1-10?





Unfortunately in August 2014 I had an accident and had emergency surgery to save the nerve in

my right hand. It was successful and I hope to be back drawing someday.


One thought on “52 Week Ilustration Challenge 2014

  1. So sorry to hear of your surgery. I know how it can take you out of blogging, or drawing. You have a gift. I love your drawings. With the tree, and the steps you have shown, did you use photoshop, illustrator, or any other program?

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