2018 Best in Rhyme Award


The 2018 Best in Rhyme Award nominations are underway!

I am so excited that my friend and fellow-rhymer Debbie Vidovich has taken the reins for this year’s Best in Rhyme Award. She has stepped in to organize the nominations and voting and our 2018 Committee is in place!

Thank you to our 2018 Best in Rhyme Committee

Manju Gulati Howard
Nancy Derey Riley
Linda S. Mai
Cathy C. Hall
Darlene Ivy
Gayle C Krause
Ellen Warach Leventhal
Kenda Henthorn
Jen Bailey
Kris Kuykendall
Debbie Vidovich

Nominations are only open through October 1st so don’t delay. Go to the Rhyme Revolution Facebook group and nominate your favorite rhyming picture book for 2018!

The 2019 Best in Rhyme Award will be announced in New York City at the KidLit TV Studio on February 10th.  Many thanks to Julie Gribble and KidLit TV!!

KidLitTV 2017