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Available Fall/2017


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Once upon a time a 35 foot tall Santa stood at the edge of town waving his mitten to all the good boys and girls as they left home or returned from out of town, smiling a hello or goodbye. He was a beloved landmark with his red suit and blue eyes. After 20 years of wishing safe travels to those that passed by, his bright red suit had faded, his beard had become chipped, and he had lost the twinkle in his eyes. Then one day… Santa disappeared.

Santa had been hauled off to a junkyard where he lay, face-down and forgotten. One day a local resident found Santa and decided to “Stand Santa Back Up.”

Santa’s Gift is the story of how a community came together to save a beloved landmark, restoring him back to his original jolly self and finding him a new home where he once again can wave safe travels to all that pass by.

SANTA’S GIFT is a book for the young and young at heart and is available at a pre-order discount. It will be released in the fall of 2017. It is a great story to share with your children or grandchildren and will include documentation of the restoration of Evansville, Indiana’s Santa statue. Do not delay – Order your copies TODAY!

A portion of the proceeds will go to support and sustain this historical landmark! Many thanks to Ron McKeethen for finding and saving Santa!



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The Legendary R. A.

“Cowboy” Jones 

                    The  Legendary Cowboy Jones              Coming Soon!

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The Legendary R.A. “Cowboy Jones” has lost 7 inches in height over his 55 years of racing from injuries, lifestyle and crouching in the saddle. He strives to be the best in everything he does without a complaint. Not only a winning jockey, Cowboy Jones aspired to be the best insurance salesman, tomato farmer, lip synch performer, restaurateur and father who ever walked the streets of Henderson, Kentucky. Did he ever fail? You bet! But when he did, he always returned to the one thing that brought him camaraderie, success and a pay check…Horse Racing.

On the back side of the track, he is respected for his longevity in the sport and his wisdom in the saddle. Young jockeys shake his hand and gather around while he sips black coffee and shares one of his many stories about being Cowboy Jones. He gives advice to a new jockey riding in the first race of his career. They look to him as a father figure; the hero of Ellis Park Race Track. The dedicated people in the racing industry are one big family and Cowboy is a living legend.

This title take a look at a feisty and fierce competitor who will not be sitting on a porch swing listening to the birds sing any time soon. He will continue to race as long as humanly possible until he wins another day.

Will Cowboy Jones be riding off into the sunset? More than likely, he will be running at a full gallop, with his hat in one hand, reigns in the other with fans cheering him on. He will leave a trail of stardust behind him as he rides into his next big race!

No matter what the future brings for Robert, Bobby, Scratchy, Cowboy Jones…It will surely be filled with excitement, a touch of danger and that famous grin that has gotten him in and out of trouble all his life.

This title is a great read for both young adults and young at heart adults as well. Bring history alive for your children as you read about this local legend.


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  Where the River Grins:

The History of Evansville, Indiana


Angie’s debut book in 2012
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Where the River Grins is an Evansville history book for kids, dedicated to the children of Evansville, Indiana for the use of learning local history from Evansville’s beginning though the mid 1940’s.  A class set of this history book was donated to all third grade classrooms in the Evansville area, through a $13,000 grant, as part of the Bicentennial Celebration in 2012.

“I wrote this book for my children and the children of Evansville who need to learn Evansville’s story and about  it’s citizens, it’s struggles and it’s triumphs. I am thrilled and honored that my book is part of the Bicentennial Celebration and a gift from our city to our children!”

This hard bound 8.5 x 11 is 48 pages, including 16 pages of color.



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