Writing in Rhyme Class

Do you enjoy writing rhyming picture books? Do you find rhyme challenging?

Do you want to pep up your prose with poetic techniques?

Then this is the class for you!

Writing in Rhyme is a 4 week course,

M-F with daily 45 minute lessons, writing prompts, rhyme journaling,

creating tools you will use, webinars and critique groups.

Each class begins on the first Monday of the month and the weekly webinars

are typically on Sunday at 6:00 p.m. Central Standard Time. (Chicago Time)

Week 1: No Rhyme Allowed!

PB Rules/Organize/A Piece of Cake/Drama Queen/Show Time

 Pencil Image


PB Dummy/Characterz/Universally Speaking/Heroes and Sheroes/Read it Out Loud!

 Pencil Image

Week 3: Time to Rhyme…yes, now. Poetry Techniques out the Wa-zoo!

Repetition/Alliteration/Assonance/Consonance/Figurative Language

 Pencil Image

Week 4: WOW Them!

Humor Me/Revise and Revise Again/Visuali-zing/Sparkling Submission/Now What?

Pencil Image

RhyPiBoMo 2015 Bird with Feather

Contact me with questions at Angie.karcher@yahoo.com!

There are no refunds. All Sales are final.

 2017 Classes available

*February – May

I am traveling, planning and recovering from Rhyme Revolution so there are no classes offered.

June 2017 Class $249.99

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July 2017 Class $249.99

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August 2017 Class $249.99

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September 2017 Class $249.99

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October 2017 Class $249.99

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November 2017 Class $249.99

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