Rhyme Revolution Manuscript Critiques

I am open to manuscript critiques once again!

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Do you need some direction with your

rhyming picture book manuscript?

 One blue star

Guidelines: The manuscript must be a rhyming picture book manuscript 300 words or less. Your picture book manuscript should follow the suggested guidelines of a traditional picture book. Please see this information at BethanyRoberts.com.

Your manuscript will be edited for: Interesting Rhyming words, Consistent Rhyme Scheme, Clever Universal Theme, Rhythm, Meter and Scansion, Tight Picture Book Arc, Internal Rhyme, Multi-syllabic Rhyming Words, Poetic Techniques and Satisfying Ending

See the Best in Rhyme Rubric, used when judging the books for the annual award. for more detailed information concerning what must go into a rhyming picture book.


Your manuscript critique will be given a star rating based on the quality. If your manuscript receives 5 stars, you will be invited to submit to a growing number of editors and agents who are looking for rhyming picture book manuscripts that have been vetted and given the Rhyme Revolution stars! 

*There is no guarantee of response but it will be fast-tracked to the top of the slush pile.

5 stars   5 Stars = a nearly flawless manuscript

4 stars  4 Stars = a very solid manuscript that needs a bit more work

3 stars  3 Stars = an average manuscript – needs attention to story, meter &  rhyme.

2 stars   2 Stars = a manuscript that has potential but needs an overhaul 

1 star  1 Star = a manuscript that is not working. Consider writing it in prose.

*Due to an increased volume of manuscript critique purchases, there is a 4 week guarantee on returning your manuscript. 

A Once Look critique is $85

A Twice Look critique is $135.00 for the same manuscript. This means that Angie will critique it, send it to you for revision, then you send it back for a final critique.

If you need a rush job, scroll down to that option and receive it back in 3 days. This is an extra $75.00.

A Master Meter Critique is $95.00. This manuscript will be critiqued for meter only.

One blue star

Manuscript Critique Purchase Form

Please complete the comment form below and submit. Then scroll down and pay for your critique. Once your payment through PayPal is received, you will be contacted about your critique.

Once Look Critique     


Venmo Payment: @Angie-Karcher-1

Or Click Here  PayPal button 

Twice Look Critique       Angie will critique the same manuscript twice


Venmo Payment: @Angie-Karcher-1

Or Click Here PayPal button

Need your manuscript critique in 3 days?
(This is from the time I receive your payment)

Add $75.00 to the purchase price.

Venmo Payment: @Angie-Karcher-1

Or Click Here PayPal button

Blue Stars

Do you need help mastering meter in your manuscript?

Master Meter Manuscript Critique

Are you looking for a critique that addresses the meter specifically? Let Angie help you find your rhythm and keep it consistent, by doing a line by line critique of the meter in your manuscript.

You will be given specific suggestions of how to make the manuscript scan better. Angie will help you understand word stress, which is the key to writing solid meter. This is a more in depth critique than those above.

Note: Only meter will be addressed with this critique. 

The manuscript must be 300 words or less.

Master Meter Manuscript Critique


Venmo Payment: @Angie-Karcher-1

Or Click Here  PayPal button


18 thoughts on “Rhyme Revolution Manuscript Critiques

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  15. Hi Angie,
    I write poetry collections that take the reader/listener on a romp through childhood. Do you know any agent or editor who really loves that type of submission? My research indicates there are not many, yet nursery rhyme collections are a child’s first literary experience, and the response to my poetry (collections geared to varied age groups from 4-104!) is that is unique, fun, funny, layered, appealing to kids and adults. It is full of wonder, observation, questions. Would love to hear your thoughts. Thx!

    • Hi Nancy! Welcome to RhyPiBoMo! You have found your tribe here!
      In response to your relevant question, There are more agents/editors that enjoy and accept rhyming manuscripts than you think but… they want professional RPBs! Just because the ending words rhyme does NOT mean it’s a rhyming picture book. It must have a brilliant story, perfect meter, poetic techniques that add sparkle and shine and must be well written. Many agents/editors say they don’t accept rhyme to eliminate the unprofessional writers. When they receive a shining manuscript, rhyme or not, they snatch it up and sing its praises! You will see several agents and editors who are blogging this April and these folks all represent authors who write RPBs. Keep at it and you will succeed!

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  17. Thanks so much, Angie! Somehow I am just seeing your comments now. I currently have two manuscripts of poetry collections and will forge on!

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