Phyllis’s Photo Shoot in Paradise

Phyllis’s Photo Shoot in Paradise


Phyllis enjoys long walks on the beach at sunset, where shadows fade away into the night. She can be found burrowing under sand castles, giggling with delight and is predicting 6 more weeks of Polar Vortex Mania. So…Phyllis has escaped to an undisclosed balmy location for a sassy photo shoot wearing today’s latest groundhog swimwear. With her toes in the sand and her pearls shimmering, Phyllis is setting the trend for woodchucks worldwide! We are unsure if she will return to Punxsutawney in time for the big announcement on Sunday but Uncle Phill will step in if needed.

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Susanna Leonard Hill is hosting Phyllis’s Fun Fashion Show Contest through Saturday. Dress up Phyllis however you like and post her to your blog. Predict her prediction for more winter or early spring…
Check it out at the link below! Stylists needed!

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