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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~   Just a reminder…

This is the RhyPiBoMo Pledge that you have agreed to

as a participant of the event. Please notice #5.


RhyPiBoMo Pledge#5 on the Pledge is: To write and/or revise a rhyming picture book and submit it to be critiqued by a rhyming critique group or a rhyming editor by the end of April.


Here are some tips for critiquing someone’s manuscript…

When doing a critique… Don’t be afraid to comment if you read a line and it just doesn’t flow or scan. Even if you don’t know how to fix it or what the writer should do, let them know that that line was sticky and needs some more work.


You don’t have to have all the answers. In fact, you don’t have to have any of the answers on how to fix it. We just need to be a sounding board and a safe place for writers to test their work. You will know if something feels off or doesn’t read smoothly or if something doesn’t seem oriented for kids…The author needs to hear this.


What is NOT helpful to an author:


“I love, love, love this rhyming picture book so much and I can’t wait until you get it published so I can read it to my grandchildren!” *

“Everything is perfect and there isn’t anything I would change.” *

“All your ending words rhyme so I guess this is a good rhyming picture book.” *

“Your characters are glowing with joy and exuberance for life and I wish I’d have written this book.” *

‘Good” “Bad” “Good” “Bad” Very Good” Very Bad” *

“I really liked your story. You are such a good writer that I can’t find anything wrong anywhere.”


These are all very nice comments but what the writer needs to hear and why you are in a critique group is to hear what is working, but mostly what isn’t working.


What IS helpful to an author: *

“I loved your hook! It really grabbed me but the rhyme scheme in the first stanza is a little off.” *

“I think your choice of rhyming words is great in the first half of the manuscript but they seem to be less effective as you go down the page.” *

“Maybe try a few 2 syllable words to add some jazz to it.” *

“I think your rhyme and rhythm is very good but you lost me when you said that they started giggling. That didn’t seem to go with the rest of your story about burying your dead goldfish.” *

Be specific! Be direct yet kind! Be honest! But most importantly, be dedicated to your group. If you can’t turn your manuscript in on time, please let the group know ASAP and when they can expect it. *

If you can’t keep up, please drop out and ask to re-join when life slows down. We completely understand that life, family and even our day jobs must come first. This is only fair to your group and will free up a spot for someone else. *

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Courtesy of Wayne E. Pollard 2013 (C)

May you write brilliant rhyme and singing poetry and if you don’t…may someone in your new critique group catch it and let you know before you send it off to an editor! And…don’t change critique groups!