Jumping in Barefoot with Both Feet

I am taking the plunge today and jumping into the deep end of the blog writing pool! I have no arm floaties,, no pool noodle and no life jacket.  It’s just me, in my most attractive, leopard, teeny weeny, two piece yoga outfit.  What, you thought I would wear a swimsuit? I’m not ready to be that vulnerable! 

I am bringing my ability to tread water, patiently wait my turn on the diving board, share all I have learned about staying afloat and how to play nice in the pool. 

Please join me if you need a place to relax, share ideas or just lounge around!

I must warn you, there are no lifeguards on duty….just us amateurs, trying to swim to the shallow end, where I’m told there is a place to stand and an editor with a dry towel to keep you warm.

So, here goes…SPLASH!

Hey, don’t let me swim alone…who wants to join me?




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