The Tree of Life


I was inspired when I saw this gorgeous banyan tree photo! It stands so majestic and peaceful, as the world rushes around it. This tree could be a metaphor for so many aspects of life…as a mother, I see the roots and twisted trunk as the parents.

They are imperfect, but steadfastly strong in support of the branches…children. Now, I have four amazing branches at my treehouse, but no matter the number, the trunk supports the growth, continual unstableness, awkward nakedness of the branches. The rain, drought, wind and hail cannot prevent the branches from extending their paths as the roots and trunk remain in place, keeping the tree safe and in strong.
The branches grow, bump into each other, find their individual paths to the sun. Eventually, with the proper conditions, the leaves begin to show. The leaves, accomplishments of our children, take on a purpose for the tree. We, as parents, thrive on the success of our kids and bask in the shaded sunlight, from which they shine.

Of course, the leaves and branches fall. New ones grow and the tree feels old and proud. All those years of holding up the branches takes its toll. The bark dries and wrinkles, exposing its vulnerable spots.

My oldest branch leaves for college in a week…she is strong, smart, beautiful and ready to begin her life as a sapling. She would hate that analogy! I know she will find strength in her journey and will plant her roots, hopefully, not too far from mine!

This old tree is quickly losing my branches. My job as trunk is changing. I’m feeling sad but am taking every day with my kids as a gift.
I’m thinking when my branches are gone and my bark is falling off, I’m going to find an awesome carpenter. I’ll have him cut, saw, sand and varnish my weathered trunk into a beautiful canoe, where I can float down the river, shaded by all my saplings and grand saplings! Ahhhh!

Please share your thought about this lovely tree and how it represents something in your life…


One thought on “The Tree of Life

  1. My very first novel had a tree very like this one in it, although I had never seen a picture of a banyan tree. In the book, the trees are waystations for those in need of refuge. With magic and a kinship to the tree, a Guardian could ask it to become what he needed – shelter, or safety from enemies, a quiet place of celebration, or a place to grieve. My heroine loved to climb the trees as a child, because the twisting roots offered secure footholds, and the branches rose above all the others in the forest, affording her a view far into the distance.

    As parents, we offer our children the same things as my tree – shelter, safety, and a sure sanctuary in times of joy or sorrow. We also try to give them a view into their futures, outfitting them with the tools they’ll need and the values that will last them a lifetime. We are the Guardians, who whisper our magic and hope it falls on receptive ears.

    This is a lovely comparison, Angie. Thank you for sharing it with us.

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