Happy National Limerick Day!

Blog Post Happy National Limerick Day! May 12, 2014





Happy National Limerick Day!



Book of Nonsense



Today we honor the birthday of Edward Lear, the author and illustrator of Book of Nonsense, a nonsensical book of limericks and merriment!

It is free to download the Kindle version from Amazon!



I share one of my favorite with you…


 Edward Lear



The Rules for Writing a Limerick:

□ A traditional limerick often starts out with, “There once was a …”
□ The ending of the first line is usually the name of a place, town, or country.
□ A Limerick is a 5 lined poem.
□ Lines 1,2 & 5 rhyme with each other.
□ Lines 3 & 4 rhyme with each other.
□ The first, second and fifth lines should have eight or nine syllables.
□ The third and fourth lines should have five or six.
□ Lines 1, 2 & 5 have 3 feet.
□ Lines 3 & 4 have 2 feet.




So, download The Book of Nonsense,

read some limericks,

write some limericks

and share a limerick with a friend!


Haiku poem


8 thoughts on “Happy National Limerick Day!

  1. Happy National Limerick Day! Here’s one of my limericks from RhyPiBoMo:

    There once was a donut named Duncan
    Who savored the flavor of pumpkin.
    But alas! In the fall
    Came his last curtain call
    As the breakfast of some country bumpkin.

  2. I’ll be tuning in to the webinar tonight, Angie…thanks for the reminder. 🙂
    And Happy National Limerick Day.
    There is a young lady who bakes
    She starts as soon as she wakes
    She makes lots of pies
    And apple crisp fries
    And tops them with ten layer cakes.

    Just had to join in the silliness, Angie!

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