Lady Pancake and Sir French Toast

Rhyme Award Best In Rhyme

The top 10 finalists for The 2015 Best in Rhyme Award have

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wonderful rhyming picture books!

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The Top 10 RPB finalists for The 2015 Best in Rhyme Award

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These reviews are done by the Best in Rhyme Committee in no particular order. The winner and honor books will be named on December 4th in NYC in a live-streaming announcement from Julie Gribble’s KidLitTV Studio. We are so appreciative of Julie’s support of our event!

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I present

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top 10 book reviews!

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Lady Pancake and Sir French Toast

Author: Josh Funk

Illustrator : Brendan Kearney

Publisher: Sterling Children’s Books

*Review by Darlene Ivy



Haven’t you always wanted to peek inside the refrigerator and witness the world that wakes when the door closes? Well, now you can! Join author Josh Funk and illustrator Brendon Kearney in the slightly-less-than-chivalrous wonderland of Lady Pancake & Sir French Toast.


“Deep in the fridge and behind the green peas

way past the tofu and left of the cheese,

Up in a corner, and back by a roast,

sat Lady Pancake beside Sir French Toast.”



            These leftover friends were as happy as two best friends can be until they heard the most distressing news – just a single drop of maple syrup was left. Just one drop!

            Without so much as a curtsy or a by your leave, the race was on! Who would savor the sweet taste of victory?


            What an obstacle course! What a competition! What fast-paced storytelling with perfect meter and rhyme!


            The rivals ran through the Broccoli Forest. They slogged up Potato Mash Mountain and slid down again. One rappelled down a rope of linguini. The other skied past the spinach and artichoke dip. They escaped the terror of the giant, bean avalanche. First, Lady Pancake was ahead. Then, Sir French Toast was in the lead.


            Until finally –

“Battered and soggy, exhausted and crumbling,

too tired to push, they were limping and stumbling.

There stood the bottle of syrup at last.”


            Who savored that last drop? You might be surprised. You’ll have to read the book to find out.


            Then, to learn the real-life back story behind the book, check out an interview with Josh Funk at



I urge you to find

Lady Pancake and Sir French Toast

to read to your little breakfast eaters!




About Josh:

Josh Funk grew up in New England and studied Computer Science in school. Today, he still lives in New England and when not writing Java code or Python scripts, he drinks Java coffee and writes picture book manuscripts alongside his wife, children, and assorted pets & monsters.


Josh’s Website


Barnes and Noble


This wonderful review was written by Darlene Ivy,

a Best in Rhyme Committee member.

Thank you Darlene!




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