Interstellar Cinderella

Rhyme Award Best In Rhyme

The top 10 finalists for The 2015 Best in Rhyme Award have

been announced! The committee and I are thrilled to share reviews of each of these

wonderful rhyming picture books!

Please support these authors and illustrators by

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The Top 10 RPB finalists for The 2015 Best in Rhyme Award

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These reviews are done by the Best in Rhyme Committee in no particular order. The winner and honor books will be named on December 4th in NYC in a live-streaming announcement from Julie Gribble’s KidLitTV Studio. We are so appreciative of Julie’s support of our event!

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I present

the 2015 Best in Rhyme Award

top 10 book reviews!

Watch for more reviews all month!


Interstellar Cinderella

Authors: Deborah Underwood

Illustrator : Meg Hunt

Publisher: Chronicle Books

*Review by Angie Karcher


Interstellar Cinderella is an asteroid of a rhyming picture book! It’s a futuristic take on our beloved Cinderella story…plus an atmosphere of rocket ships, gravity and galactic terminology.


Did you know that interstellar Cinderella has her own tool box? Yes, she is a mechanic who repairs spaceships. But when she’s not mechanic-ing, she’s sweeping space-ial cinders and doing space chores.


This futuristic interpretation is genius, as author Deborah Underwood and Illustrator Meg Hunt take us on a journey of an orphaned girl, dreaming of a brighter future. With brilliant meter and rhyming perfection, accompanied by lovely illustrations, this book is a must read!


Interstellar Cinderella is just like any young girl, dreaming of love, romance and carburetors. She is gifted in the occupation of fixing things…especially broken spaceships.


Once the Prince’s ship breaks down, it’s Cinderella to the rescue. He is memorized by her techy-side and able to fly away once she repairs his ship…if only he saw her face. That darn spacesuit helmet prevented a match made in heaven.


Thankfully, she dropped her socket wrench. The prince searches the galaxy for the lady mega-mechanic who repaired his spaceship and warmed his heart.


You must read this star-worthy book to see how this all ends,

but my vote is on true love.

This fractured fairy tale is a breath of fresh air as our protagonist is quite the feminist, career minded, yet willing to work for just the right…prince.

Grab this book before it floats off the shelves of every town

in every world of every galaxy!


I urge you to find


to read to your little space robots!

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About Deborah:

I grew up in Walla Walla, Washington. When I was little, I wanted to be an astronomer. (The bear in the photo is named Ursa Major, like the constellation.) Then I wanted to be a singer. Then I wanted to be a writer. Today my jobs are writing and singing. I guess two out of three’s not bad!

My dad was a math professor, and my mom taught English. My sister got all the math brains, but some of my mom’s word sense rubbed off on me, thank goodness.

I finally decided to write for kids. At first my stories were pretty awful, but I kept trying. They got better in time–but writing sure is a lot of work! Luckily, I have a bunch of great writing friends that help me. We read each other’s manuscripts and make suggestions. And whenever I say I’m going to get a job pasting labels on pianos because writing is too hard, they talk me out of it.

Deborah’s Website:


Barnes and Noble




2 thoughts on “Interstellar Cinderella

  1. Love your review of INTERSTELLAR CINDERELLA, Angie. This is my kind of story. I still have my toolbox and tool belt from my career. Young girls and boys need to have images like this story portrays.

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