RhyPiBOMo 2016 Day 7 “SHAKE IT OFF” Parody by KidLitTV’s Katya Szewczuk and Laurel Nakai

 Happy Saturday!

Yes, It’s Saturday and I’m knocking on your screen door with a RhyPiBoMo Surprise!

       Today you are in for a treat!

Last year my good friend Dawn Young set the bar high with her #RhyPiBoMo Parody IT”S ALL ABOUT THAT RHYME! which is a certain earworm and a tough one to follow…So this year, I wrote the lyrics and partnered with KidLitTV’s Katya Szewczuk, Laurel Nakai and  KidLitTV Founder Julie Gribble who put together



 Welcome KidLitTV Founder Julie Gribble and

Musician Laurel Nakai, Artist Katya  Szewczuk

performing the #RhyPiBoMo “SHAKE IT OFF” Parody!

 Julie Gribble Headshot with scarf   KidLit TV logo - new

Founder of KIDLITTV Julie Gribble

Katya-Szewczuk headshot

Laurel Nakai Headshot

 I give you the “SHAKE IT OFF” Parody

originally sung and performed by the amazing Taylor Swift and

re-performed by Laurel, Kat and Junior KidLitTV Reviewer Rosie Ciuba!

The “SHAKE-IT-OFF” Parody




Thank You Laurel, Katya, Rosie, Julie

and KidLitTV!

PLEASE like our guest bloggers on Facebook, follow them on Twitter, go to their websites and express your appreciation for their time and wisdom! Many have generously donated multiple prizes and this event would not be successful without their support, so please support them! Oh…and buy their books too!!


To be eligible for today’s prize drawing by Random.org you must comment at the bottom of the page where it says “Leave A Reply” AND add your FIRST and LAST name in the comment. If I don’t have your name or how to contact you via email, you can’t win.

You must be a member of the RhyPiBoMo Facebook Group and if you haven’t officially registered, you are not eligible to win.

Please follow the pledge rules daily to get the most out of this challenge!


The drawings will be done daily and announced on Saturday of each week.




62 thoughts on “RhyPiBOMo 2016 Day 7 “SHAKE IT OFF” Parody by KidLitTV’s Katya Szewczuk and Laurel Nakai

  1. Amy Murrell. So cute. I don’t understand why there is so much “hate” against rhyming. I know that when it isn’t done well it can be problematic but good rhymers are so much fun to read!

  2. Oh, how I love a good parody! ‘Course, now I’ll be singing “Shake it Off” all day. And annoying anyone who happens to be around me. And then they’ll ask WHY I’m singing that song and I’ll tell ’em about the parody. And RhyPiBoMo. Winning. 🙂

  3. NATALIE LYNN TANNER: WOW! Well, THANKS to Laurel, Angie, and Katya, I now have a DEFINITE resident earworm! Not sure if I should really thank you for that or not! HE!HE!HE!

  4. Tim Canny
    Is it bad I don’t think I’ve ever heard the original? Basically if it didn’t come out before 1990 I probably don’t know it. But, that said, good job! Makes me want to try a throwback song parody, except I can’t sing and can’t play an instrument. So I’ll just tap my feet and try to sing along! 🙂

  5. Chris Clayson-“Shake it off”! Such a great performance by all. Yes, it makes me want to get to my rhyme on.
    Thank you so much!

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