2016 Best in Rhyme Award Top 20


I’m pleased to share the TOP 20 Best Rhyming Picture Books of 2016!

The RhyPiBoMo (Rhyming Picture Book Month) Facebook Group nominated their favorites and the Best in Rhyme Committee read and scored all the qualified books. We will be announcing the TOP 10 books on January 30th. The winning book and 2 honor books will be named in New York City Feb 10-12th with the help of KidLitTV!

Day and time TBA.

Thank you to Julie Gribble and KidLit TV

KidLit TV blk-white logo

Please take time to read these wonderful books!

Congratulations to the authors and illustrators!


Thank you to the RhyPiBoMo 2016

Best in Rhyme Award Committee!


This committee of dedicated RhyPiBoMo members has been reading and reviewing and scoring the best rhyming picture books. Members of the RhyPiBoMo Facebook Group nominate books for the committee to review.


Patricia Toht

Lori Degman

Mandy Yates 

Kenda Henthorn

Annie Bailey

Gayle C. Krause

Deb Williams

Darlene Ivy

Suzy Leopold

Cindy Schrauben

Angie Karcher – Founder

Tanja Bauerle – Illustrator


Take a peek at the Best in Rhyme Rubric

used for scoring.


9 thoughts on “2016 Best in Rhyme Award Top 20

  1. Thanks so much, Angie, for all you do for our kid lit community…will have to build new shelves to hold all of these wonderful books. 🙂 And thanks to all who helped with the selection. My dream? To one day have one of my rhyming pb stories published and make your list. 🙂 😉 😉

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