2018 Rhyme Revolution Conference Registration is OPEN! Plus other fun stuff

RR Conference Badge updated

Rhyme Revolution has come to an end but the rhyming fun

and opportunities are just beginning!

But first,

If you participated in Rhyme Revolution 2017 copy and paste this badge and share it proudly on your website and on social media! Please add #rhymerevolution to your post.

Congratulations on completing another year of learning and rhyming fun!

THANK YOU everyone for another successful year!


First bit of  exciting news!!

I have been busy contacting a few agents and editors this month and have more submission opportunities for writers of rhyme!

Starting June 1st, my manuscript critiques will receive a star rating (from 1 – 5 stars) based on the quality. An author who receives a 5 star rating on a rhyming picture book manuscript will be invited to submit to a growing list of agents and editors interested in reading manuscripts with the Rhyme Revolution stars.

You can purchase a manuscript critique HERE.

*As I am receiving quite a lot of manuscript critique requests, I will only accept a limited number per month and then put you on a waiting list or bump you to the next month, so I can respond in a timely manner. As stated above, the rating system begins June first but you may purchase a critique now and it will qualify for this opportunity. 

This is SO exciting and will hopefully improve the reception and quality of rhyming manuscripts.

Interested agents and editors may contact me at Angie.karcher@yahoo.com.

One blue star

Second exciting opportunity…

Now that Rhyme Revolution is over, are you ready to focus on writing a rhyming picture book manuscript?

Registration is now open for The Rhyme Revolution Online Writing Classes.

The classes run June – November and fill up fast as I only accept 5-7 people per class. I’m offering less classes this year as I have several projects going on so, don’t delay if you want a spot!

I always bring in an accomplished author who writes rhyming picture books to do a Q and A the last week of class.

We do a weekly webinar on Google Hangout and you will receive daily lessons via a private Facebook group for the class. You can look at the lessons at your convenience so it works well for those with busy schedules.

I offer a private face-to-face critique to each class member that will include the starred rating system opportunity.

The classes often continue as a rhyming critique group after the month ends.

It is a fun, low key class yet packed full of tons of info and links to keep you reading for weeks if you follow up.

One blue star

Third opportunity…

Sign up for a rhyming critique group!

The deadline to comment is May 5th.

First, you must join the Rhyme Revolution Facebook Group. The post is pinned at the top of the feed. Comment there and you will be registered for a rhyming critique group!

Make sure we are friends on Facebook (If not, send me a friend request) and I will add you to a private Facebook critique group.

Once you are in the group you will see the guidelines and organize yourselves. Each group will need an organizer (so comment as well if you will volunteer to get things started) to keep everything organized. This position can rotate as you decide. Once this group is set, you are on your own to keep it going. We have had many successful rhyming critique groups and I am happy to facilitate these again this year!

Blue Stars

And finally…

What you’ve been waiting for…

RR Conference Badge updated

Registration for the Rhyme Revolution Conference

is open!

CLICK HERE for more information!

Limit of 50 people!

Pay in full or make bi-monthly payments.

An amazing faculty at this 4 day Rhyme Revolution Conference!

Lisa Wheeler

Jill Esbaum

Miranda Paul

Lori Mortensen

Agent Adria Goetz with Martin Literary Management

Editor – TBA very soon!

Blue Stars

Last, but not least…


Week 4 Prize Winners


Week 4 

Monday – Katie Engen – THE STORY BOOK KNIGHT by Helen and Thomas Docherty

Tuesday – Maria Marshall – THE FRECKLE FAIRY by Bobbie Hinman

Wednesday – Sherry Howard – MONSTER TRUCKS – by Anika Denise

Thursday’s Winner – Maritza M. Mejia – OLD TRACKS, NEW TRICKS by JESSICA Petersen

Friday’s Winner – Jennifer Broedel – THE GIRL WHO THOUGHT IN PICTURES by Julia Finley Mosca and Daniel Rieley


Thank you for reading the blog posts and commenting daily!!

Everything has been mailed out.

Thank you to the authors and publishers

for these generous book donations!!



8 thoughts on “2018 Rhyme Revolution Conference Registration is OPEN! Plus other fun stuff

  1. Thank you Maria for always being so supportive! I was happy to see your name pop up as a prize winner! This rhyming gig is my passion and I love every minute of it!

  2. Pingback: Shout Out to #RhymeRevolution! | Cathy C. Hall

  3. Thank you, Angie, for a fab month of rhyme time! Those submission opportunities, rhyme class, and critiques will keep our writing community busy! You are rocking it lady 🙂

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