Rhyme Revolution 2017 Registration

Rhyme Revolution Registration is open!

RR Calendar 2017

Registration ends April 10th, Midnight CST

You must complete the registration form below to be

officially registered for Rhyme Revolution!

I will not share this information with anyone. I need the address so I can mail you a prize if you win and the phone number in case I can’t reach you via email. This will save lots of time on my end.

Every few days I will post a Master Registration List of all who have registered so please check back to ensure that your form went through. It seldom fails but that is possible.

Read and comment on the blog posts daily in April. Those who comment will be eligible to win a prize for that day. Wednesdays are for parents and kids to comment. Please grab this Participant badge and post it on your website and on social media.

RhyPiBoMo 2017 - official participant


Registration Form

 Don’t forget to FOLLOW my blog so you will receive the posts via email!

The FOLLOW button is on the top right of the page.

25 thoughts on “Rhyme Revolution 2017 Registration

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  7. I’m registering a day late but have been working like a dog on poetry for the last two weeks. What a fun challenge!

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  13. You’re queen of the rhymeland, oh Angie my girl
    I’m just so excited, my head’s in a whirl
    My heart’s in a flutter
    My hair’s in in curl
    Tanja’s badge is amazing
    Let the rhyme flag unfurl.

    I’m in!

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