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What is the RPB Revolution Conference?

This was a conference held on December 5th, 2015 in New York City. It featured a stellar line up of authors, agents and editors!

Unfortunately, the conference recording is no longer available. 

Our next RPB Revolution Conference is in October, 2018 in New Harmony, Indiana

Watch for details!

The Presenters:

Best in Rhyme 2015 winner Penny Parker Klostermann

Agent Kendra Marcus with BookStop Literary Agency

Author Lori Degman

Author Rebecca Kai Dotlich

Editor Rebecca Davis with Wordsong/Boyds Mills Press

Author Karma Wilson

Editor Justin Chanda with Simon and Schuster Books

This was the very first conference held to focus on and celebrate RPBs!

Don’t miss the opportunity to watch this conference. It’s over 4 hours of tips, advice, how-tos and how-not-tos!

Access to the recording option ends in June so please make your purchase now! Once you pay, you will receive a link to watch the video in the privacy of your home. You can watch it in segments or the entire thing over and over until June. Then this recording goes away forever.

Receive a link after the conference, in early January, to watch 4 sessions by our amazing authors, editors and agents!

Session 1: Reject ~ What’s NOT working in RPB manuscripts.

Session 2: Revolt ~ The story and meter MUST be perfection!

Session 3: Rules ~ Poetic techniques and lyrical language

Session 4: Rewards ~ The heart of the story brings them back!


You will be invited to submit to Editor Justin Chanda, Editor Rebecca Davis and Agent Kendra Marcus! Their contact info is given in the recording.


Don’t miss this chance to remotely attend a New York City conference celebrating rhyming picture books and poetry!


3 thoughts on “RPB Revolution Conference Recording Option

  1. Hi Kris!

    Julie Gribble of KidLitTV is editing the nearly 5 hour conference now. With the holidays, she has asked to have until the first of the year to get it done so we plan on sending out the link in an email in early January.

    Thanks for your support,

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