Christmas Mission

This is is my entry for Susanna Leonard Hill’s Holiday Mishap Writing Contest.


Christmas Mission

by Angie Karcher


This Christmas adventure had danger and thrill.

We chose to accept it,as most brave kids will.

Our mission, to light the fur tree in our yard,

though risky and perilous, really, quite hard.

We wore Santa hats, decked with bells and white fur,

in case we got lost, they would hear where we were.

An old pair of gloves caused a very big fight.

He got the left glove and then I got the right.

The lights were thrown over the top branch with ease.

This was expert tree lighting tree expertise.

The blink-twinkling lights were strung around the tree.

We sang Christmas carols, my brother and me.

This tree expedition was going as planned.

Then…the lights, they got stuck. Things got way out of hand.

I ascended the tree with danger in sight.

Now…my boot was stuck too, wedged in nice and tight.

This pose wasn’t good, I just had to admit.

My legs, they were stretched in a very fine split!

My brother, he giggled and turned shades of blue.

Meanwhile, I just dangled there caught by my shoe.

When, all of a sudden, the panic hit me.

I realized, “Oh No, I have got to go pee!”

The way I was standing was not good I’m told,

‘cause this made it difficult, tricky to hold.

I tried, without luck, to hold back the rain.

The whistle’s a blowin’ and here comes the train!

The more that I laughed, the more that it rained down.

My boot, it filled up, like a wet, flooded town.

Those boots I had worn were for keeping out rain.

But someone forgot they should put in a drain!

By the time my mom saw the look on my face,

I was a poinsettia, just shoved in a vase.

My petals were wilted when they helped me down.

The train…it was gone now, way past this damp town.

Have you ever worn a chilled boot filled with pee?

Don’t ever attempt it! It happened to me!


True story.


13 thoughts on “Christmas Mission

  1. OMG, Angie, you made me laugh! What a predicament! Up until the pee incident my favorite line was “the blink-twinkling lights”, but now I think I have to choose “but someone forgot they should put in a drain”! 🙂 Thank you so much for a VERY entertaining story and for joining in the holiday contest fun!

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