Sally Apokedak’s Christmas Carol Writing Contest

This is my entry for Sally Apokedak’s Christmas Carol Writing Contest


Tune: Jolly Old St. Nicholas


Jolly Ms. sweet Apokedak,

Lean your ear this way;

Don’t you want a manuscript

to brighten up your day?

A miracle is coming soon;

Now you dear, wo-man, (This line would sound better if you WERE a man!)

Whisper what I need to do;

Tell me if you can.

I’m writing rhyme on napkins,

and I don’t give a “bleep!”

I’m fully caffeinated

because I never sleep.

My ending words that rhyme,

will glisten like the snow.

The three or more syllables;

Beguiling and apropos.

Angie wants an agent;

Angela wants a deal;

Ang wants a picture book,

Alliteration, “Squeeeeal!”

As for me, my groveling

looks desperate at best.

PLEASE CHOOSE MINE, (uhem) dear Sally Claus,

Or…what you think is best.



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