Are You Registered for RhyPiBoMo?

This is the list of writers who have registered for RhyPiBoMo as of March 23rd.

RhyPiBoMo Pledge

IF YOUR NAME IS NOT ON THIS LIST, YOU ARE NOT REGISTERED! You should click this link below and register today!

Registration Link:


Why register? It will help me greatly in planning for next year’s event and it will make you eligible to win a daily prize! Even if you are not interested in winning a prize, please register so I know how many writers are participating.

PLEASE Put your First and Last Name on the registration form. This will help me a great deal to keep everyone straight and when contacting the prize winners.

This list is updated daily on the RhyPiBoMo Facebook Group Page.  Join us there for lots more information and comaraderie of fellow writers of rhyme and poetry.

Registration ends on April 16th!

RhyPiBoMo Participants who are registered:

Aimee Haburjak

Amm Write3

Amy Moore

Annie Bailey


Becky Fyfe

Buffy Silverman

Carrie Finison

Cecilia Clark

Charlotte Dixon

Charlotte Sheer

Christine M. Irvin

Cindy Breedlove

Cindy Johnson

Corey Schwartz

Cori Pitts

Dani Duck

Danna York

Daryl Gottier

Dawn Young

Deborah Holt Williams

Deirdre Englehart

Donna L. Sadd

Doris K. Stone

Elaine Kiely Kearns

Ellen Leventhal

Heather Greene

Jackie Wellington

Janet Smart

Janie Reinart

Jenifer McNamara

Jennifer B Young

Jennifer Kirkeby

Jill Proctor

Joanne Sher

Judy Rubin

Katey Writes

Kathy Halsey

Katie Gast

Kelly Hochbein

Kelly Ramsdell Fineman

Kristen Foote

Kristy Venuskeb

Laura Rackham

Lauri Fortino

Lauri Meyers

Laurie Gray

Leila Nabih

Leslie Gorin

Linda Schueler

Lindsay Bonilla

Lisa Connors

Lori Laniewski

Lori Mozdzierz

Lynn Alpert

Lynn Baldwin

Mandy Yates

Margaret King

Maria Ashworth

Maria J  Cuesta

Maria Oka

Mary Jo Huff

Melanie Ellsworth

Melinda Kinsman

Michele Katz

Michele Norman

Michele Prestininzi

Michelle Heidenrich Barnes

Mindy Alyse Weiss

Monica Gudlewski

Nancy Churnin

Nata Artista Donna

Natalie Hooker

Natasha S. Garnett

NatNat Keller

Nicole Busenbark

Pamela Courtney

Patricia Toht

Patti Richards

Pia Garneau

Ramona Davey

Rebecca Colby

Rebecca Woods

Renee LaTulippe

Rhonda Mort

Robert Brantley

Robyn Campbell

SaDonna Heathman

Sandy Perlic

Sara Wolford

Sardy Har

Shari Armstrong

Sharon Lane Holm

Sheri McCrimmon

Sian Ferguson

Sue Frye

Sue Morris

Suzy Leopold

Sydney O’Neill

Tina Mommynificent

Vanessa Hancock

Victoria Warneck

Vivian Kirkfield

W. Sobota

Wendy Greenley

Yvonne Blake

Zainab Khan


 RhyPiBoMo Madness

Begins on Sunday!

See you in 7 days!


6 thoughts on “Are You Registered for RhyPiBoMo?

  1. Angie,
    Thank you for the list. What a wondrous group you have. We are in for a great experience!
    Sent via BlackBerry by AT&T

  2. My spring cleaning is getting done this week so that I can focus on RhyPiBoMo the full month of April. Thanks Angie for all the work you’ve already put into the challenge. It sounds like it’ll be a fun time and the prizes are amazing!

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