RhyPiBoMo Prizes generously donated by lovers of rhyme and poetry!

2014 RhyPiBoMo Daily Prizes Schedule


1)    You MUST be registered for RhyPiBoMo to be eligible to win.

2)    You MUST comment on the blog post daily for a chance at winning a prize.

Register here:



Donated by:                                                Daily Prizes:


30. Kevan Atteberry                      Art quality signed print of his rhyme cartoon  

31. Karma Wilson                          Bear Feels Scared


   1.     Karma Wilson                           Who Goes There?

   2.     Liz Garton Scanon                     Choice of Noodle & Lou, Think Big or Happy Birthday Bunny

   3.     Denise Fleming                          Beetle Bop 

   4.     Jackie Hosking                           2 Hour Manuscript Edit

   5.     Denise Fleming                          underGROUND

   6.     Peggy Archer                             Name That Dog

   7.     Dianne De Las Casas                The House That Santa Built

   8.     Marsha Diane Arnold                Roar of a Snore

   9.     Lori Degman                             1 Zany Zoo

   10.  Lori Degman                             Cockadoodle-Doo Oops

   11.  Lori Degman                             Critique

   12.  Susanna L. Hill                          Airplane Flight

   13.  Susanna L. Hill                          Freight Train Trip

   14.  Debbie Diesen                           Book Choice

   15.  Deborah Underwood                 Bad Bye, Good Bye

   16.  Jill Esbaum                                I Hatched

   17.  Helen Frost                                Step Gently Out

   18.  Correy Rosen Schwartz             Critique

   19.  Lisa Wheeler                              Pet Project

   20.  Julie Hedlund                            A Troop is a Group of Monkeys

   21.  Shutta Crum                              Dozens of Cousins

   22.  Kathi Appelt                             My Father’s House

   23.  Kathi Appelt                             Toddler Two-Step

   24.  Rhonda G. Greene                     Barnyard Song

   25.  Jill Esbaum                                Critique

   26.  Rhonda G. Greene                      No Pirates Allowed! Said Liberty Lou

   27.  Margot Finke                             Choice of Rhyming PB from Sneak Peek

   28.  Angie Karcher                           Writing Picture Books by Ann Whitford  Paul

   29.  Angie Karcher                           The Making of a Poem:Norton Anthology of Poetic Forms by Strand/Boland

    30.  Angie Karcher                         Take Me to Your BBQ by Duval/McCauley                                              


   1.     Mary Jo.Huff                           Storytellin CD  

   2.     Mary Jo Huff                           Storytellin CD

   3.     Debbie Diesen                         Critique  (due to busy schedule – available this summer)


RhyPiBoMo Golden Quill Poetry Contest Prizes

First Place

Scholarship for The Craft and Pleasures of Writing Poetry for Kids

Donated by Mira Reisberg and Sudipta Bardhan Quallan                           


Second Place

Scholarship for The Lyrical Language Lab: Punching up Prose with Poetry

Donated by Renee La Tulippe                 


Third Place

Scholarship for a spot in the Picture Book Magic Course

Donated by Susanna Leonard Hill                     

RhyPiBoMo Pledge


6 thoughts on “RhyPiBoMo Prizes generously donated by lovers of rhyme and poetry!

  1. Angie, Participating in RhyPiBoMo is prize enough, but you have really outdone yourself with the selection. I think that I completed the sign-up, but was wondering how to check. Thank you for a wonderful opportunity.

  2. Thanks Judy! If you were here, I would give you a big hug! I added the updated list of who has registered on last night’s blog…You are on the list…registered and ready to rhyme! = )

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