Rhyme Revolution 2017 Day 20 ~Asia Citro of The Innovation Press ~ Rhyming Picture Book Submission Request

Red Stars

Thank you so much, Angie, for the opportunity to introduce

myself to everyone here!

I’m Asia, the publisher behind The Innovation Press, and I love rhyming books.

LOVE them.

As a parent, I love how engaging rhyming books are for children (hidden bonus: I don’t get tired of reading them 9023840384 times).  As an educator, I know how valuable they are to the development of language and reading skills.  Which is why, as a publisher, I actively seek rhyming submissions.  This year we have ten titles coming out and three of them are written in rhyme.   So far we have two more rhyming books slated for 2018…and there’s space for more.

All that to say, I am definitely excited to meet all of you!  I was thrilled to discover Angie’s event to teach the craft of rhyming.  Because it definitely is a craft!  Writing a children’s book is hard enough without the additional layer of making sure the rhyme and meter work perfectly without losing any of the content or character development in your story.

In terms of what I’m looking for in a submission — I love manuscripts that tell a creative and/or quirky story.  I am always really excited to see books that have an original approach that I haven’t seen before.  As a former teacher, I also value manuscripts that have some sort of learning involved (whether it be character learning or academic learning).  If you take a peek at our 2017 books, you’ll see I have a bit of a penchant for hybrid texts — books that combine non-fiction and fiction.  Oh and I also love manuscripts that make kids laugh.

Though we are a newer press, we have international distribution and foreign rights representation.  Our books are found in stores, shops, libraries, and schools all over the world and in several different languages.  We are also a member of the Children’s Book Council and we are an SCBWI PAL Publisher.

If you think you have something that would be a great fit for us, we’d love to see it!  You can find our submission guidelines on our website here.

And last, but definitely not least, I’m giving away two of our 2017 rhyming picture books.  OLD TRACKS, NEW TRICKS came out last month and is both written and illustrated by debut author (and SCBWI member) Jessica Petersen. THE GIRL WHO THOUGHT IN PICTURES is the first book in our new rhyming biography series, Amazing Scientists, that highlights the lives and achievements of amazing women scientists.

Thanks for so much for having me and HOORAY FOR RHYMING BOOKS!

Blue Stars

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59 thoughts on “Rhyme Revolution 2017 Day 20 ~Asia Citro of The Innovation Press ~ Rhyming Picture Book Submission Request

  1. Children do love rhyme. Young children love the repeated lines throughout a story and being able to “sing” them with the reader as the pages are turned. Thank you, Asia for such a great opportunity, and thank you, Angie, for introducing us to her and to Innovation House.

  2. Asia, thank you for sharing your passion for rhyming picture books and for telling us what type of books you’re looking for. I look forward to reading some of the wonderful books you’ve already published.

  3. Fantastic! Love to hear that rhyming is alive and well in picture books. Rhyme builds language and story in the minds of young readers – always a major focus for my preschoolers. Thanks for joining us!

  4. I’m excited to read the books Innovation Press is producing. (By the way, your logo is fantastic!) I’ll be looking for your books soon, in a store or library near me.

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