Save the Date! Rhyme Revolution April 2017

RhyPiBoMo 2017 - Save the Date

RhyPiBoMo has a new name!

From now on this celebration of rhyming picture books is called Rhyme Revolution.

The new website is

Along with the new name, there are a some other changes happening.

This is still a challenge for writers of rhyme but I’ve also added a Classroom Challenge, a Library Challenge and a Family Challenge to bring teachers, librarians, parents to this celebration of RPBs!

RR Classroom Challenge 2017    RR Library Challenge 2017     RR Family Challenge 2017

PLEASE share these links with teachers, librarians and parents!

We have many of the Top 20 Best in Rhyme Award authors’s guest blogging as well as a few others. The topics will cover how to write professional rhyming manuscripts that editors will love. The blogger calendar is coming soon!


I have also added a fun activity for kids on Wednesdays called RHYME TIME. This is a day off for those participating in the blog challenge. I know we are busy trying to write, so this gives everyone a chance to catch up, plus it gives me a day to bring families to the event. The reason we write is for kids, so my hope is that this will continue to foster the love of RPBs as time goes on. I will share links to author websites and Amazon to hopefully boost sales too.

It’s really a win win!

There will still be daily prizes awarded to participants who read and comment on the blog posts. Watch for the blogger calendar and prize calendars coming soon.

Yes, we will still offer rhyming critique groups but not until after the event ends. I will have a place to sign up in the Rhyme Revolution Facebook Group and then divide the groups in May.

Registration for Rhyme Revolution runs from March 27th -April 10th. You must be registered and comment on daily posts to be eligible for a prize. Unfortunately, I am not able to send prizes to those outside the Continental U.S. due to postage expenses.


In case you missed it, we awarded The Best in Rhyme Award last month in New York City at the KidLitTV Studio. Congratulations to the winners and thank you to The Best in Rhyme Committee for their time and dedication to this award. Also, many thanks to Julie Gribble and KidLitTV for their continued support of what we do!

KidLit TV logo - new

See the announcement HERE.

Best in Rhyme Announcement

I hope to still have Rhyming Parties in the Facebook group but with the additions to the event, I will need to wait and see how much sleep I’m getting. LOL


So, please stay tuned and invite your friends!!





8 thoughts on “Save the Date! Rhyme Revolution April 2017

  1. Love the new name…and love the inclusion of families/kids/teachers…towards the end of my #50PreciousWords Writing Challenge, I thought what a good idea it would be to have kids writing 50 word stories…one of the participants actually shared her daughter’s 50-word story with me and I meant to add it to the winners’ post…along with the 50-word story my 8-year old grandson had written. But in the flurry of activity, I forgot…I think I will do a FB post about it. And next year I will definitely try to incorporate some of your ideas, Angie.
    Will share Rhyme Revolution EVERYWHERE! So grateful for all you do for rhyme, dear lady!

  2. I certainly can use some expert advice when it comes to rhyming. This sounds like a wonderful opportunity, Angie. Thank you!

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